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Unit 5 Nightlife
夜 生 活

Part One: Expressions
1. Do you have any tickets for the show tonight?
2. I’m sorry. It’s sold out.
3. What time does it start?
4. Where is section A located?
5. What do you recommend?
6. I’ll have a tall expresso with soy milk and cinnamon sprinkles, please.
7. Do you serve any draft beer?
8. I’d like to make a reservation for two at eight o’clock.
9. Can I take your order?
10. What are the odds?

Part Two: Dialogues

1.Tickets 买票
A: Hi, do you have any tickets for the show tonight?
  B: Sorry, it’s all sold out.
  A: Well, do you have any for tomorrow?
  B: We have tickets for the matinee. It starts at 3p.m.
  A: Ok. I’ll take it.
  B: Where would you like to sit?
  A: Do you have anything in the middle section? I want a good view, but sitting too close hurts my eyes.
  B: Certainly.
A: 你好,今晚的演出还有票卖吗?
B: 对不起,卖完了。
A: 那么,明天的呢?
B: 我们有日场的票卖,下午3点钟开始。
A: 好的,我买(日。。
B: 您想坐在什么地方?
A: 有中间的座位吗?我想视觉效果好一点,但坐得太近又伤眼睛。
B: 有的。

2. Order 点菜
A: Are you ready to order?
  B: Yes, I’ll have the Texas chili burger.
  A: Would you like fries with that?
  B: A large, with tons of ketchup.
  A: And to drink?
  B: I’ll have a diet coke, please.
  A: Is this dine-in or take-out?
  B: Take-out, please.
A: 您可以点菜了吗?
B: 可以了。我要点德州辣汉堡。
A: 要薯片吗?
B: 大号薯片,多加点番茄酱。
A: 喝什么饮料呢?
B: 要一个低糖可乐。
A: 在这里吃还是打包带走?
B: 打包带走。

3.Gambling 赌球
A: I can’t believe it!
  B: What’s wrong? That was a great goal.
  A: Yes, but I bet $200 dollars on the Cougars!
  B: Looks like you’re going to lose out on this game then.
  A: I can’t believe it! I thought the Cougars were going to win for sure.
  B: What were the odds?
  A: 20 to 1, in favour of the Cougars!
  B: Too bad.
A: 我简直无法相信!
B: 怎么了?这可是个好球。
A: 不错,可是我可花了200元赌美洲豹队赢。
B: 那这场比赛你可要输了。
A: 我真不能相信。我开始可是认为美洲豹肯定赢的。
B: 赌了多少钱?
A: 一注20元,支持美洲豹队。
B: 真够惨的。

Part Three: Substitutions
1. A: Do you have any tickets for the (show/ game/ concert) tonight?
  B: Sorry, we’re sold out.

2. A: What time (does it start/ is intemp3ission/ does it finish)?
  B: At eight o’clock.

3. A: Where is (section B/ seat 42F/ the exit) located?
  B: This way, please.

4. A: What can I get for you?
  B: Do you serve any (draft beer/ snacks/ hot food)?

5. A: What (wine/ pasta/ dessert) do you recommend?
  B: This one is excellent.

6. A: Can I take your order?
  B: I’ll have a (roast beef sandwich on rye/ lamb / hamburger, well-done), please.

7. A: Do you have any seats left?
  B: I’m sorry. We (are sold out/ only have stand-by tickets/ only have balcony seats).

8. A: Smith Steakhouse. Can I help you?
  B: Yes, I’d like to make a reservation for (two at eight o’clock/ six at seven thirty/ three at a quarter to nine).
好的。我想预订一张(八点钟的两人台/ 7点30的六人台/ 8点45的三人台)。

9. A: Can I see your (ticket/ I.D.*/ driver’s license), please?
  B: Here you are.

10. A: Where would you prefer to sit?
   B: I’d like to sit (in the front/ by the window/ in the smoking section).

Part Four: Monologue
“Unlike in other parts of the world, it is both customary and expected for customers to tip the servers when going out to restaurants, bars, and coffee shops in America. At most places, servers don’t get paid usual wages.  Rather, they take home their daily tips as a salary. The average tip that each customer must pay is about 20% of the bill, depending on the service and on the quality of the restaurant. If paying with a credit card, the customer writes the tip in the space below the cost of the meal and then adds it into the total payment. If paying in cash, the customer first pays the server the price of the meal and then leaves the tip on the table before exiting the restaurant.”

Part Five: Vocabulary and Phrases
-- recommend  推荐,介绍
-- I’ll have … 我要…
--reservation  预订;预订的房间(或席座)
-- matinee 日戏;日场
-- take-out (饭食)外卖的;(餐厅)供应外卖食物的
-- I can’t believe it. 不可思议。
-- intemp3ission  (戏剧等中间的)休息时间;幕间休息
-- It’s sold out. 卖完了。
--* I.D. – identification card

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