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  • Sports Meeting 运动会

    2019-07-01 所属栏目:小学英语作文

    Our school will hold the sports meeting every year. I am so excited about it. I will take part in a lot of programs, such as running and basketball matches. When everybody is yelli

  • My Dream 我的梦想

    2019-06-27 所属栏目:小学英语作文

    As a small girl, many teachers have asked me what do I want to be in the future. My answer is always to be a teacher. It is my dream and I study so hard to realize it. Being a teac

  • Playing Ping-pong 打乒乓球

    2019-06-20 所属栏目:小学英语作文

    My grandfather likes to play Ping-pong so much. He will play it for an hour everyday. Sometimes he asks me to play with him, and I refuse because I want to play computer games. But

  • The Lovely Cat 可爱的猫

    2019-06-17 所属栏目:小学英语作文

    Today, when I go home after school, a cat follows me as I near my home. It is very small and it has white hair. When I look at her for the first time, my heart is melting. What a l

  • The Good Choice 好的抉择

    2019-06-13 所属栏目:小学英语作文

    Two years ago, my mother sent me to learn ballet. At that time, I was so unhappy about her choice, because I just wanted to play. But now, when someone asks me what my talent is, I

  • A Strong Boy 一位坚强的男孩

    2019-06-10 所属栏目:小学英语作文

    Recently, the news reported a small boy was studying while he helped his mother to sell the products. Many people gave him great praise, because he could focus his attention, but t

  • The Great Happiness 最大的幸福

    2019-06-06 所属栏目:小学英语作文

    Though I was born in an ordinary family, I live the happy life. My parents will stand by my side when I meet trouble, especially my mother. She will cook a lot of delicious food, s

  • My Idol 我的偶像

    2019-06-03 所属栏目:小学英语作文

    Everybody has an idol in their heart, who will set the good example for them. In my eyes, a good idol should bring the positive side to the public, so I don’t mind whether th

  • What is a True Friend 什么是真正的朋友

    2019-05-30 所属栏目:小学英语作文

    I have a good friend, and her name is Lucy. We have known each other for more than five years. When I am in trouble, she will be the first one to give me a hand. I am so thankful t

  • Heart-broken 心碎

    2019-05-27 所属栏目:小学英语作文

    As a child, I am very naughty and forget about what my mother tells me. One time, I go back home very late. When I see my mother, she smiles at first and then turns angry, because

  • The Food l like 我喜欢的食物

    2019-05-17 所属栏目:小学英语作文

    I like eating meat so much and I am so picky about food. My parents always worry about my diet, and they try to let me eat vegetables and fruits. But I only can have a little. But

  • A Good Friend 一位好朋友

    2019-05-13 所属栏目:小学英语作文

    I have a good friend, and her name is Li Mei. We know each other about two years. When I am in trouble, she helps me without hesitation. So I will also help her when she meets diff

  • Love From My Mother 妈妈的爱

    2019-05-09 所属栏目:小学英语作文

    I always complain about my mother, because she is very strict to me and I can’t do whatever I want. But some day, when I go home very late, she criticizes me at first and the

  • My Goal 我的目标

    2019-05-07 所属栏目:小学英语作文

    New semester is coming soon, and I will be a six grade student. I am so excited about the last year of the primary school, so I have made up my mind. I must study hard and improve

  • Lovely Panda 可爱的熊猫

    2019-04-30 所属栏目:小学英语作文

    When I was very small, I saw an interesting movie, which was called Kongfu Panda. The fat panda image was so lovely and I learned that there was such a lovely animal in the world.

  • Plans in the New Semester 新学期计划

    2019-04-25 所属栏目:小学英语作文

    As the new semester is coming, I feel so excited. It will be my last year in primary school, so I cherish every moment with my friends. I have made up my mind to study hard, so tha

  • The Story I Like 我喜爱的故事

    2019-04-22 所属栏目:小学英语作文

    Since I was very small, my parents would read me some stories before I slept. I like to hear the stories that describe a girl’s growing up. These girls are so brave and becom

  • The Best Age 最好的年华

    2019-04-19 所属栏目:小学英语作文

    In the Chinese lesson, I need to recite many old poems, which is very difficult for the elder to do it, but it is so easy to me. As I am young and full of energy, I can finish the

  • The Promise I Make 我许下的诺言

    2019-04-15 所属栏目:小学英语作文

    Today, my mother has something to do, so she needs to meet her friends. I make a promise that I will clean the house when she returns. But I become lazy soon. I start to play compu

  • The Moment I Grow Up 那一刻,我长大了

    2019-04-15 所属栏目:小学英语作文

    Every child needs his parents when they meet trouble. It is natural for them to find protection. My parents protect me all the time. I can feel their love. But as I grow up, I want

  • My Good Partner 我的好伙伴

    2019-04-08 所属栏目:小学英语作文

    I have a good friend. Her name is Li Hua. We know each other when we were five years old, because we have so many things in common. We become partners soon. I like to go out for fu

  • Teacher's Love 教师的爱

    2019-04-03 所属栏目:小学英语作文

    The day I go to school, I remember that I feel so scared because it is the first time for me to leave my parents. Then my teacher comes to me and smiles at me. I feel so comfortabl

  • Our Secret 我们的秘密

    2019-03-28 所属栏目:小学英语作文

    My friends and I have planned to do something interesting. We write down our future wishes and put them in a bottle. Then we exchange the bottles, making it as our secrets. We make

  • Black People 黑人

    2019-03-22 所属栏目:小学英语作文

    As a small child, I get used to think there is only yellow skin people in the world, but I realize there are also white skin and black skin people in another side of the world late

  • Future Language 未来的语言

    2019-03-22 所属栏目:小学英语作文

    English is the International language. My parents let me learn it since I was three years old. But as China is becoming stronger, the world is crazy about learning Chinese. Many su

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