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  • Fox News:סһӮϿݵ(2)

    2019-07-02 Ŀ:Fox News Radio

    The only way for Democrat to win is if the Republican Party is fractured. That's how we lost our state -- last statewide race. Jim Rex won superintendent of education because R

  • Fox News:סһӮϿݵ(1)

    2019-06-28 Ŀ:Fox News Radio

    Here now is Trey Gowdy, former South Carolina congressman and House oversight committee chair, now a Fox News contributor. Trey, good to see you tonight. Thank you for being here.

  • Fox News:ǹҴ۱ȡѧʸ(2)

    2019-06-27 Ŀ:Fox News Radio

    It was his Google doc that emerged and these were comments that he made before that shooting ever took place, he used the n-word multiple times. He included the phrase killing all

  • Fox News:ǹҴ۱ȡѧʸ(1)

    2019-06-25 Ŀ:Fox News Radio

    At that time, it was really a friend group where who could say the most shocking thing and the most extreme thing for the sake of shock value. I'm extremely sorry for it. And I

  • Fox News:ˡ˹Τγɵ˳(2)

    2019-06-20 Ŀ:Fox News Radio

    What do you, what do you take away from the actual content of what the president said in that interview? A couple of things, number one, I don't know what's meant by the wo

  • Fox News:ˡ˹Τγɵ˳(1)

    2019-06-19 Ŀ:Fox News Radio

    They have information. I think I'd take it. If I thought there was something wrong, I'd go maybe to the FBI, if I thought there was something wrong. That was President Trum

  • Fox News:¾μŵ׵½ϱ(2)

    2019-06-17 Ŀ:Fox News Radio

    Yeah, and there was Anne Applebaum, The Washington Post, wrote that Donald, "If Donald Trump was president," she wrote, "in 1944, D-Day never would have happened. How do journalist

  • Fox News:¾μŵ׵½ϱ(1)

    2019-06-17 Ŀ:Fox News Radio

    Also here next, Ben Shapiro is seemed right there, editor-in-chief of DailyWire.com, author of the new book, The Right Side of History. Thanks for coming in. You bet. Ben, how do y

  • Fox News:ŵ׵½75(2)

    2019-06-12 Ŀ:Fox News Radio

    It was a beautiful fall at 128 miles an hour. It was a little cold too. Was it? Yes. And talk to me about the first time that you made that jump and did you think about that at all

  • Fox News:ŵ׵½75(1)

    2019-06-12 Ŀ:Fox News Radio

    Set tomorrow of course is the 6th, the actual anniversary of D- Day, but today was also pretty special here in France. We had military planes flying over the fields this morning as

  • Fox News:״սݽԼǼٲ֮

    2019-04-15 Ŀ:Fox News Radio

    Nik Wallenda is known for being the first person to walk a tightrope directly over Niagara Falls. Now, his wife, Erendira, has her own record at the waterfalls.
    She successfully h

  • Fox News:ҪʳƷٻʳƷ

    2019-04-11 Ŀ:Fox News Radio

    Tyson Foods recalling nearly 2.5 million-pounds of ready-to-eat breaded chicken due to an unlabeled allergen. A supplier telling Tyson last week that its bread crumbs could contain

  • Fox News:Ԥ

    2019-04-09 Ŀ:Fox News Radio

    This is Housecall for Health.
    With a lot of the country facing higher than normal temperatures and summer right around the corner, Doctors are advising folks to avoid getting heat

  • Fox News:ȫ綼ڱ

    2019-04-08 Ŀ:Fox News Radio

    A new report says 10 percent of the world's population is overweight. And that includes rich and poor nations with many gains occurring faster in children than adults.
    The stu

  • Fox News:7˵ ϵӵÿݵľ

    2019-04-08 Ŀ:Fox News Radio

    "Did I hug everybody?" That's Rosalyn Baldwin, who says God told her to go across the country and hug cops. This after three police officers in Baton Rouge were murdered in an

  • Fox News:׼һLGBTQ

    2019-04-08 Ŀ:Fox News Radio

    Fox on Love with Ashley Papa. For some couples, planning the perfect wedding can take extra work. Kirsten Ott Palladino, author of 'Equally Wed: The Ultimate Guide to Planning

  • Fox News:˹͡Ȳˢͷʿ¼

    2019-04-01 Ŀ:Fox News Radio

    Justin Bieber continues to not just break hearts, but records as well...According to Billboard, Bieber's two recent collaborations remained in the top three of the Hot 100 for the

  • Fox News:Ϊ˱ӵ

    2019-04-01 Ŀ:Fox News Radio

    24-year-old Latanya Daugherty chucking frosted cupcakes at her brother 30-year-old Eddie Yaddow, hitting him in the arm and chest. So, he scooped the frosting himself and wiped it

  • Fox News:"ǹõ"ֶӱ˹ּר

    2019-03-25 Ŀ:Fox News Radio

    Bonus Track with Laura Ingle taking you deep inside the music.
    Guns N' Roses have been out on tour, selling out stadiums and basically rocking the entire planet lately.
    As bu

  • Fox News:һŮʳ˼վҺزԺ

    2019-03-20 Ŀ:Fox News Radio

    One woman is so sick she's been in the hospital for a month and can't breathe or speak on her own. Lavinia Kelly is in intensive care.
    Sacramento county health officials s

  • Fox News:˽˻ٽע

    2019-03-20 Ŀ:Fox News Radio

    The federal appeals court in Washington, D.C. throws out a federal regulation that was making owners of recreational drones and even flying toy airplanes register their devices wit

  • Fox News:ͨ

    2019-03-08 Ŀ:Fox News Radio

    A new analysis by the Pew Research Center on information collected by the 2015 census shows that one in six couples married that year are an interracial pair.
    That means one in ev

  • Fox News:޽ܡĦʿ Զղķ˹

    2019-03-06 Ŀ:Fox News Radio

    Sir Roger Moore played the iconic British spy James Bond for more than a decade, he died in Switzerland after a short battle with cancer. He was 89.
    Because of Moore's commitm

  • Fox News:è˽˷ɻٴ

    2019-03-06 Ŀ:Fox News Radio

    That was Elvis Presley's private jet. It is about to take off at the auction block. The jet has been sitting on a runway in Roswell, New Mexico for over 30 years with red velve

  • Fox News: ·½

    2019-03-04 Ŀ:Fox News Radio

    New home sales have been like a yo-yo the last two months, dropping more than 11 percent in April. The biggest decline in two years coming down from a surge in March when the sales

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